‘Green’ Financial Crisis Sharpens the Threat of War

The financial elite, and political leaders driven by them, want to distract with anger, hatred, and in some cases even hysteria, against the "adversaries" Russia and especially China, who continue to push for economic development in underdeveloped countries as well as at home, and which stiffen resistance in the developing world to “climate colonialism.”

Now, as Helga Zepp-LaRouche said, we go to a Putin-Biden video conference “summit” midway between peace and war, “that gives you an idea how close we are actually to a brushfire which could go all the way up to nuclear war.” Insisting on development in the countries which have suffered the worst crimes from the war party—she is focused on Afghanistan—is the way to fight that threat.

Join Paul Gallagher on this week's Fireside Chat to discuss the Green New Deal as the danger of world war.

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