Friday Questions -- Are the Globalists Crazy, Evil, or BOTH?

When you look at the chaos and disintegration that characterizes the state of the world today, you are seeing the result of the application of British imperial neo-liberal policies.  Forget the standard concepts of "liberal" and "conservative" that people choose to adopt.  Radical libertarianism has been used since the 17th century as the doctrine which justified the British Empire, and today's flailing Trans-Atlantic world.  The intent of the unilateralists of both U.S. parties is to double-down on the neoliberal paradigm, backed by U.S. and NATO military force.  Unfortunately for them, this power is no longer uncontested -- therefore, by asserting their right to a unipolar world, they risk plunging us into a war of annihilation of the human race.  The good news: they are weaker than ever, as their system is imploding; and the economic/political/scientific alternative developed by Lyndon LaRouche, which enabled him to forecast their demise, can be the basis for a new Renaissance.  Join with us today, to send the Malthusian unilateralists to a resounding, universal defeat!

International Schiller Institute Conference "Omicron: Urgent Need for a World Health System" 

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  • Ed`win F Beale
    commented 2021-12-04 10:11:51 -0500
    In this episode of his blog, Harley explains the "Big Picture " completely, with all of the major factors explained. People who love the Earth and each other, we must all unite to conquer these perennial villains now! If we do not, we and our children will be their slaves forever. …Ed Beale
  • Asuka Burke
    published this page in Harley Updates 2021-12-03 13:39:45 -0500