LaRouche Explained Why It Is Now ‘Four Minutes to Midnight’ of Nuclear War

Ten years ago, in the immediate aftermath of the Oct. 20, 2011 murder of Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi, Lyndon LaRouche wrote an article on Oct. 28, 2011 titled: “Threat of World War III: Qaddafi’s DeathIn it. LaRouche stated:

“In the opinion of certain relevant, higher placed circles in the trans-Atlantic region, the extraordinary mass-execution of the former Libyan principal Muammar al-Qaddafi and his companions, in their attempted flight from Libya, signals a potential for an early outbreak of more general warfare within Europe, the Mediterranean region, and beyond: potentially a new general state of warfare throughout much of this planet. This were probably the included outcome, unless a radical correction in trans-Atlantic financial and related policies were made more or less immediately. The object is to prevent that general warfare from occurring….

“The manner in which British-directed interests, acting in concert with the British puppet known as U.S. President Barack Obama, have created and manipulated the recent warfare within Libya, has now created a serious, more or less immediate threat-potential of a ‘Third World War.’ This is a threat potential which is coincident with the immediately threatened, general breakdown-crisis of the already hyper-bankrupt, trans-Atlantic monetarist system…. It is the accumulated potential triggered by the Libya affair, which has now cocked the potential for a sudden eruption of a pattern of active general warfare.

“Long nurtured potentials for the greatest of wars, explode into great wars which have been prepared, in fact, over long periods when the victims were sleeping.”

Three months later, in a Jan. 18, 2012 webcast, LaRouche elaborated on the British Establishment’s intention of launching war against Russia and China.

“Now, the purpose of doing this was not to conduct a war against Syria and Iran—that was not the purpose. That was the sideshow. What you had, if you looked at the map, and looked at the Eastern Mediterranean and the bay around Iran, you saw the greatest concentration of thermonuclear-warfare capabilities on this planet, represented by the forces of the United States, Britain, and other powers. Why would they have to have the thermonuclear capabilities of major powers and others combined, against two small nations—a relatively very small nation, Syria, and a medium-size small nation, shall we say, Iran: Why?

“Because their target wasn’t Syria, their target wasn’t Iran. Their target was—as we know now, from the diplomatic scandals that have broken out in Washington and Europe—the target was Russia and China. What does that mean? Why should Britain and the United States, and other nations, wish to launch thermonuclear war, against two great thermonuclear powers, Russia and China? And you have a nuclear power, Pakistan; and India’s also a thermonuclear power….

“So therefore, what’s the point? The British now say, what’s the purpose of this? They told you: The purpose is, as the Queen of England and others have insisted, their intention is to reduce the population of the planet, from 7 billion people to 1 or less! Their argument is the Green policy! And therefore, if you want to have a Green policy, and what that connotes, you can not tolerate Russia’s existence; you can not tolerate 1.4 billion people in China; you can not tolerate 1.1 billion people in India, and other nations. Therefore, this is a British operation, run under the Green policy of Her Majesty the Queen and her cohorts to change the character of the planet, in this way. In other words, these guys make Hitler look like a piker!”

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