Pennsylvania Rep Says ‘We Just Don’t Know Who Won,’ Moots Sending No PA Electors to Congress

Pennsylvania State Rep. Russ Diamond and a group of other legislators from that state are raising the possibility that no presidential electors will be sent from Pennsylvania to Congress on Wednesday, Jan. 6. This follows from their conclusion that the sweeping extent of the voting irregularities, and the illegal, non-legislated nature of the electoral procedures, the winner of the election is simply unknown.

Rep. Russ Diamond: Pennsylvanians Still Don't Know Who Won the Presidency

While there are proposals to award Pennsylvania’s electors to Donald Trump, Rep. Diamond and some of his colleagues raise the idea of simply not appointing electors, since the outcome is unclear.

At a Saturday, Jan. 2 meeting of the LaRouche Manhattan Project, held by The LaRouche Organization, Rep. Diamond discussed this situation in Pennsylvania in detail, concluding: “There was a point in time where I believed that we would find enough retail irregularities in Pennsylvania’s election process, that we could actually go ahead and name Trump electors, and appoint them and send them to Washington. We have not come to that point. However, we have come to the point in Pennsylvania, where I can tell you with all sincere honesty, I have no idea who won, because we cannot match up the ballots cast to the numbers of voters who voted.” Diamond was referring to a report he and other legislators issued Dec. 28, in which their analysis showed large—six-figure—discrepancies between the number of people recorded as having voted, and the number of ballots counted.,-Certification-of-Presidential-Results-Premature-and-In-Error

If the Pennsylvania legislators are right, and the election procedures “were so fraught with inconsistencies, improprieties and irregularities that the results for the office of President of the United States cannot be determined in our state,” what should follow?

Rep. Diamond was interviewed on Dec. 31st, 2020 by Matt Berman on the “Philly Made Creative” blog. In his report on the interview, run under the title, “Lawmaker Russ Diamond Believes Pennsylvania Should Abstain from Election 2020, and that May Happen,” Berman summarizes: “Congress may heed the plea of Pennsylvania State Congress GOP members who are advising our electors not be certified or counted from either political party this election cycle. If that happens, Biden would only have 285 certified electors, so this action alone would not change the impending result most think will occur by inaugurating Biden on January 20th, 2021. However, if other states follow suit, and a similar remedy (abstaining from voting) is granted to those states (like Georgia) where elections are contested, neither Biden nor Trump will have 270 electoral votes to win. That would trigger some measure of remedy via either The Electoral Count Act of 1877, or some other jurisdiction like the Supreme Court, may be called upon to settle the dispute. This is unprecedented, so no one knows how exactly it will go. The important thing for people to take away from this terrible option, is that it is one of the only fair things to do.”

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