Role of Nazis in Ukraine Can No Longer Be Hidden or Denied


March 6—The facts regarding the multiple fascist organizations in positions of influence in Ukraine since the 2014 coup has generally been kept out of the Western press, although a number of independent journalists and several Israeli institutions have documented (and strongly objected) to the fact that these Nazis were not only tolerated by the Ukraine government, but in fact had power over many aspects of policy—and, this was accepted by Kiev’s controllers in London and Washington. The many Russian documentations of the atrocities committed by these organizations (including a major role in the genocidal military attacks on the mostly Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the Donbas region who refused to accept the illegal fascist coup) were dismissed as Russian lies.The full story of the overt role of the British and U.S. governments’ intentional nurturing of these fascist organizations, going back to the post-World War II CIA and MI6 recruitment of the defeated Nazi networks as tools of their anti-communist Cold War operations, up to the Obama/Biden/Victoria Nuland $5 billion project to overthrow the elected Ukrainian government in 2014 and install the Nazi-linked leaders of Washington’s choosing, is fully documented in the pages of EIR.

See, for example “Western Powers Back Neo-Nazi Coup in Ukraine”; “Ukrainian Patriots Expose EU Support for Neo-Nazi Coup”; and “How Obama and Soros Put Actual Nazis in Power in Ukraine.”

Now, the repressive screen placed over these facts is crumbling. Vladimir Putin’s clearly defined intention in his military deployment into Ukraine—to demilitarize and de-Nazify the country—has provoked hysteria in the Western world. The leading advocates of all-out economic warfare against Russia, while preparing for military warfare, even nuclear warfare, have been forced to defend the indefensible—support for swastika-wearing defenders of Stepan Bandera, Hitler’s fascist ally in Ukraine. One hears from them that Ukraine cannot be accused of fascism because its President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, is Jewish. Col. Douglas Macgregor told a stunned Fox Business broadcaster on Friday that Zelenskyy was a “puppet,” and certainly no hero. “The only heroic thing he could do is to come to terms with reality and declare Ukraine as a neutral state, which would be good for us as well as for Russia.” You can read below and in the Sunday EIR Daily Alert how Zelenskyy’s original intention, and the reason he was elected overwhelmingly in 2019, was to stop the war on the self-declared independent republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, and to make peace with Russia. This intention was crushed by the Nazis, who threated to orchestrate another coup, that Zelenskyy “would lose his life—he will hang on some tree” in Kiev if he were to implement any part of the Minsk Agreement or stop the war on the Donbas republics. For fear or for incompetence, Zelenskyy capitulated, and now is calling for NATO to intervene, to create a no-fly zone, which is a call for a NATO war with Russia. Every military and political figure who is not totally insane has insisted that such a war could mean the annihilation of the human race.

There is no reason for war. The resolution of this global crisis, of benefit to all, lies in the convening of an international conference as called for by the Schiller Institute petition, Convoke an International Conference to Establish A New Security and Development Architecture for All Nations ). If you have not signed already, sign it now, and circulate the petition to your political representatives and other institutional leaders, and follow up with a phone call to insist they sign. The age of geopolitics, of zero-sum divisions of the world into warring blocs, is over. The Feb. 4 Joint Statement by Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping presents the new paradigm of peace through development for all nations. The British imperial division of the world is no longer accepted by the vast majority of the world’s nations or the world’s citizens. Let us celebrate a new era of mankind, cooperating for the development of the Earth and the Solar System.

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  • Alex Zotov
    commented 2022-03-07 15:49:17 -0500
  • Stephen P Kaylor
    commented 2022-03-07 10:51:16 -0500
    Many or most of the bombings in Ukraine may not be Russian, but instead could be by the Azov officer leadership of Ukraine’s military. As McGregor stated, ‘Russian forces have continued to move slowly – to prevent civilian casualties. ’ This morning they stated that ’ evacuation corridors would not be attacked, by them. ’ So, this needs to be investigated. / The main geopolitical goal appears to be – not just perpetual Orwellian conflict – but to do harm to the Western economies {especially Germany} and most of all: Russia’s. Once the Russian oligarchs face ruin – they may try to regime change Putin and then bring Russia into the touted Unipolar world order and its Great Reset (run by the British led Western financial oligarchy and their Davos spokesmen). Then, China would be the main nation to yet bring into their globalist system!
  • Mike Billington
    published this page in Home 2022-03-07 07:14:51 -0500