The Same Network Pushing the Deadly "Green New Deal" Is Behind the Anti-China Policy!

Many people think they know about the "Council on Foreign Relations", the notorious CFR, which is correctly identified as a leading agency of the "Deep State". Today we look at how the financial and corporate networks of the CFR are pushing the Green New Deal -- including through a new committee of the U.S. Federal Reserve -- to inflate a new "Green" financial bubble, while making "climate change" a weapon for undermining China's Belt-and-Road Initiative. Their goal, besides creating a new Ponzi scheme to prop up their bankrupt financial system, and pour more money into the bloated U.S. defense budget, is to cause a rapid depopulation of the planet.

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  • Malene Robinson
    published this page in Harley Updates 2021-03-25 12:57:42 -0400