The Road Map For Rebuilding The United States

The LaRouche Organization's just-released pamphlet, “The Coming U.S. Economic Miracle on the New Silk Road,” is an outstanding summary of what can and must be done to reverse America’s induced self-destruction at the hands of British “Intelligence.” Its fourteen distinct sections, including the introduction, can be studied consecutively; such study could be supported by short videos prepared in consultation with its authors. Any individual or group, no matter what age or level of education, that takes the time to work through the pamphlet’s contents over, for example, the next three months, especially in conjunction with campaigning for the Afghanistan/Haiti reconstruction and “world health platform” initiative we are vigorously advocating throughout our international organization, will reverse the collapse of our otherwise-doomed trans-Atlantic culture.

To discuss the orientation provided by the report on tonight's Fireside Chat were two members of The LaRouche Organization's board of directors: Chris Sare and Jason Ross.


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