White House Pushes April 22 International Summit on Climate Change, Pledges 2030 Strategy

On and since the Feb. 18 date the U.S. officially rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, President Joe Biden and John Kerry, his National Security Council Presidential Envoy for Climate Action, have been thumping for their planned international summit to fight climate change, scheduled for April 22, Earth Day. They pledge that between now and April 22, the U.S. will have spelled out its plans for achieving marker goals of CO₂ reduction by 2030, harping that “this decade” is the make or break. Kerry said on Feb. 19, in one of several media spots, “It’s what people will do in the next 10 years that matter. That’s what we have to talk about.” On one media event, he spoke alongside UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, who added his own sour notes to the chorus, that efforts to stop carbon emissions, “must go much faster and much farther.”

A media echo chamber effect is coming from many other voices chiming in. Sir Michael Anti-Coal Bloomberg held an evening call with reporters on Feb. 18 to extol his efforts with state and local governments to see that coal plants close as rapidly as possible. Never mind that it was coal and nuclear that saved the day—such as the day is going—in the central states cold wave.

Bill Gates, billionaire depopulation backer, is getting extra heavy media play during the U.S. energy and breakdown crisis, to declare the Wall Street/imperial London decree that all must obey their green dictates. He said this morning that the severe storm patterns simply prove that “putting more carbon in the atmosphere” affects weather. There is “super hard evidence” on this. Only the “tactics” of our response differ, he said on Fox Morning News TV. Gates too is stressing the next 10 years. He says in a Washington Post Magazine cover story interview out today, that “The best we can do is have the breakthroughs in this next decade, so we still have 20 years to replace the entire industrial economy and all those hard things” that allegedly cause CO₂ emissions. He is pumping his new book, How To Avoid a Climate Disaster, in which he details his usual message of anti-technology and deindustrialization.

The 2030 timeframe stressed for the April 22 White House climate action summit likewise applies to many other tracks of institutional insanity, from the European Union’s “Farm to Fork and Biodiversities Strategy” to “NATO 2030.”

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