Yes, There Are Neo-Nazis in Ukraine's Army and Security Forces!

When Putin said one of the goals of Russian military ops in Ukraine is "deNazification", there were howls of protest from U.S. and NATO officials, and the pro-war media ridiculed him, accusing him of being unbalanced and pushing false "conspiracy theories."  But he is right, as proven by quotes from the leader of the C14 neoNazi group, who said they are being armed by NATO "because we perform the tasks set by the West, because we are the only ones who are ready to do them.  Because we have fun, we have fun killing and we have fun fighting."  The truth about the role of neoNazis in Ukraine's military, and the killings in Donbas they brag about, has been censored, so you won't protest the spending of U.S. taxpayers' dollars to arm and train them. 

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