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The Battle of Jerusalem: Another Strategic Flash-Point Is Exploding

As Greater Israel fanatics move to expel Palestinians from their East Jerusalem neighborhood, the predictable response has occurred: Hamas militants fire rockets into Israeli cities, while Israeli jets bomb Palestinian homes in Gaza.  Despite calls for de-escalation, fighting continues.  As this flash-point has been ignited, Cold Warriors with backgrounds at the NSC and RAND Corporation promote "Decisive Nuclear Retaliation" against Russia -- which they describe as our eternal enemy -- in a podcast of the Military Industrial Complex's Atlantic Council.  Has nuclear war become "thinkable"?

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Should the U.S. Risk a Nuclear War Over Taiwan, Ukraine or Syria?

Daniel Ellsburg, who courageously released the Pentagon Papers 50 years ago, which exposed the lies of the military and intelligence community which led to the disastrous war in Vietnam, insisted that there be a public discussion NOW of whether we should risk a nuclear war over Taiwan, Ukraine or Syria.  He reported on a RAND Corporation document -- still classified -- which reveals that John Foster Dulles favored a nuclear strike against China during the Taiwan crisis in 1958.  Ellsburg called for whistleblowers to come forward today, to "Let us know what the inside plans are," so they can be countered before a new, devastating war can be unleashed. 

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Let Them Eat Cardboard -- If They Can Afford It!

Ah, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors is expressing satisfaction that its goal of a "moderate" increase in inflation has finally arrived!  Get ready for more, as it is not really moderate, and much higher costs are on the way, for food, housing, medical care, transportation, all to save a system which is imploding under the weight of unpayable debt of all kinds.
Secondly, we look at the charge from Mexico's President Lopez Obrador that Biden's State Department is meddling in Mexico's internal affairs -- and he actually has evidence to prove it!
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Defeat the War Hawks, Don't Block Out the War Danger

As the combined forces of the City of London and Wall Street act through their puppets in the administrations of Boris Johnson and Joe Biden, much of the rest of the world is moving toward a New Paradigm.  This was the explicit theme of the online Schiller Institute conference on May 8, and a message implicit in Russian President Putin's appeal during Russia's Victory Day commemoration, that we must never again allow fascists to determine the agenda of nations.  Yet the "Rules-Based Order" demanded by the Brits and the Biden administration is not based on international law, but the unipolar dictates of those whose policies have brought mankind to the edge of global war, and have unleashed famine and plague.  The purpose of their order is to defend the bankrupt financial system which is crashing around us.  Join us to defeat them!

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What The Hell Is The Rules-Based Order? Kissinger Makes Sense, While Biden Team Continues Its Provocations

By Harley Schlanger

May 10, 2021 -- For many years, Lyndon LaRouche identified Henry Kissinger as an example of what's wrong with American foreign policy. While Kissinger's ego caused him to treat his version of "realpolitik" as novel and creative, LaRouche insisted that he was, at his core, one who always operated within the realm of classical British imperial geopolitics, against the true national interests of the U.S. -- functioning as a de facto agent of the British Empire.

New Federalist newspaper from 1992.

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Friday Questions: How Can We Organize People to Recognize the Common Interests of Mankind?

As we are dashing headlong into a systemic economic collapse and a danger of annihilation through nuclear war, how can we organize our fellow citizens to recognize the common interests we share with citizens of all nations?  In today's Update, we hear the words of President John F. Kennedy from June 1963, shortly after the Cuban Missile Crisis, when he presented an approach to peace through dialogue, not a "Pax Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war." 
JFK called on us to:

"direct attention to our common interests and the means by which those differences can be resolved....For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we inhabit this small planet.  We all breathe the same air.  We all cherish our children's futures.  And we are all mortal."

As you reflect on these words, remember to register for the Schiller Institute's online conference on Saturday May 8, at 9 AM, where such themes will be the central topic.
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Tony Blinken's "Rules-Based Order" Magical Mystery Tour

The Group of 7 Foreign Ministers met in London to prepare for June's leadership conference.  They devoted two ninety-minute sessions to coordinate military and financial containment of Russia and China, two nations they designated as threats to the "Rules-Based Order" (RBO).  While there, Secretary of State Blinken praised  the U.S.-U.K. Special Relationship as the cornerstone of the RBO, to insure adherence to "democratic values and human rights."  He then went to Kiev, to deliver the message that the G7 stands behind Ukraine's "sovereignty" (!), in the face of alleged  threats from Russia.  Meanwhile, NATO continues with the largest military exercises in eastern Europe in years, on  Russia's doorstep.

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The "Rules-Based Order" Exposed as a Malign Fraud

Edward Snowden provided us with an excellent example of how to debunk the self-righteous rants from the likes of Biden's Secretary of State Blinken.  After Blinken used the occasion of World Press Freedom Day to praise the U.S. for its advocacy of "press freedom", Snowden asked, "What about Julian Assange?". This is one of many examples of the hypocrisy of the unipolar order demanded by the Biden government and its U.K./NATO allies, as they push the world toward war.    We cannot let them get away with their commitment to imposing "rules" which benefit the globalist elites of the City of London and Wall Street, while pillaging the rest of the world. 

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Is Anyone In The West Paying Attention To Putin's "Stern Warning"?

In the days following Russian President Putin's National Address on April 21, which he stated was meant to send a "stern warning" to those out to destabilize Russia, Schiller Institute chairman Helga Zepp LaRouche sounded an alarm. In describing the allegations from both Belorussian and Russian intelligence agencies of the direct involvement of long-time Biden crony Michael Carpenter in a coup plot against Belarus President Lukashenko -- which included a plan to assassinate Lukashenko -- she said, "I find this absolutely incredible, because if this turns out to be the case, we could be closer to World War III than anybody realizes: Because this is exactly the kind of stuff which happens in the forefront of world wars."

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The New Paradigm Will End London's "Rules-Based Order"

Both Biden's Secretary of State Blinken and National Security Adviser Sullivan were trotted out for Sunday news shows to defend the "rules-based order" against threats from Russia and China.  The order they back is a global central banker's dictatorship, to be enforced by U.S. and NATO military might.  The oligarchs they work for are the true authoritarians, and their goal is not only to take away our freedoms, but our lives, as their order is putting us on the verge of World War III.  Time for a New Paradigm, to replace their collapsing, bankrupt and immoral system. 

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