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Friday's REALLY BIG Questions: Will British Geopoliticians Control Over Biden Lead to War with Russia?

Can Peace Be Achieved Between Israel and Palestine?
With the week of three summits now underway, the question on everyone's mind -- at least those who are sane -- is will the London/Wall Street/Silicon Valley War Hawks who control the Biden administration succeed in forcing Russia to give up its sovereignty, and submit to their unilateral order? Or, if Russia does not submit, as I expect it will not, will that move the world closer to nuclear annihilation? On the question of peace in the Middle East, it is not in the hands of either Israelis or Palestinians. The issue is, can the hands of the same geopolitical forces pitting the U.S. against Russia and China, be removed from the throats of Israel and Palestine, so that a broader agreement for economic cooperation, encompassing the whole of southwest Asia, can be reached?
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Stop the Swindles Run by the Fed and the "Too Big to Fail Banks" -- Restore Glass Steagall Bank Regulation!

As we enter into a period of hyperinflation, which will steal the life's work of middle-class families, while shutting down more industries and businesses than a year of lock-downs has, why not learn from the past?  The 1933 Glass Steagall bill reined in bank and financial speculation, by defending commercial banks and their depositors, while forcing the speculators in investment banks to eat their own losses.  Today's varieties of speculative bubbles have created debt many times larger than world GDP -- these debts can never be paid off, but the central banks continue to pump liquidity into the bubbles, while cutting off credit to good producers, dooming the manufacturing, agriculture and trade sectors, all to be enforced by a global central banker's dictatorship.  Learn how restoring Glass Steagall can put an end to the bubble economy, and send the swindlers in the banks and shadow banking system, who keep producing new, bigger bubbles for their personal profit, to jail. 

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Will the Upcoming Summits Offer Solutions, or More Dangerous Crises?

Joe Biden is on his way to Europe today to participate in a series of summits, with his minder, Tony "Rules-Based Order" (RBO) Blinken, faithfully at his side.  What has been pre-scripted to occur --  if this week's Congressional testimony by Blinken is an accurate foretaste -- will be a disaster for humanity, as geopolitical provocations against Russia and China would most likely turn out badly for all.  But the G7 and NATO can't presume to speak for everyone, as many nations are looking to Russia and China as defenders of the principle of sovereignty, against the arbitrary unilateralism espoused by the imperial authors of the RBO.

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Are There Any Adults Left in the Room????

Joe Biden's op ed in the {Washington Post} on June 6, outlining his "strategy" for the upcoming series of summits, shows the degree to which he is operating within the dangerous framework of British-scripted geopolitical axioms.  "Alliance of Democratic States", "adherence to Rules-Based Order", addressing the "challenges posed by Russia and China" are some of the phrases which reflect those axioms.  But at the same time, there is a growing recognition among some security and defense officials of the "growing risk of a security crisis...leading to nuclear use", if these axioms are not changed.  We intend to change them!  Sign up for the Schiller Institute's online conference on June 26-27 at schillerinstitute.com.
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Is the U.S. Now Following the Footsteps of the Soviet Union?

President Putin, in reflecting on present U.S.-British-NATO policies -- which include endless wars and endless sanctions -- said that he can see, as a former citizen of the Soviet Union -- that the U.S. "is now walking the Soviet Union's path, and its gait is confident and steady." Look at the murderous effects of the Caesar Sanctions against Syria, which besides denying food, medicine and other essential products to people victimized by a dirty war, in which the U.S. backed Islamic terrorists, threaten to punish any country or company which would aid in the reconstruction of that nation. This does not protect the people of the U.S. nor serve their interests, but is done to defend those who have proclaimed a unilateral "Rules-Based Order", to benefit the imperial corporate cartel interests, which includes the intent to carry out regime change in Russia and China.

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War Party Engages in Pre-Summit Provocations Against Russia

by: Harley Schlanger
June 4 -- With the summit between Presidents Putin and Biden just days away, the Biden administration is continuing on a provocative course towards Russia, which is creating a hostile environment before the summit begins. While preparatory meetings between subordinates on both sides are reported to have been "cordial", U.S. officials -- led by Secretary of State Blinken -- insist that a positive outcome depends on Russia ceasing its "aggressive" behavior, to assure that "a stable and predictable relationship" can emerge.

Blinken asserts at every opportunity that this means that Russia must stop acting in disregard to the "Rules-Based Order" (RBO), an arbitrary formulation the U.S. has adopted to circumvent accepted principles of international law, demanding that all nations must submit to what is, in reality, a unilateral world order dictated by the strategic and financial self-interests of the City of London and Washington.

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Sanctions, the Rules-Based Order, and Dangerous Hypocrisy

Friday Questions: With the upcoming Putin-Biden summit, there were several questions about what we can expect: Will anything be accomplished? What would you consider a successful summit? Will there be efforts to sabotage it? A second question referred to the idea of a "Clean Green Initiative" put forward to counter China's Belt-and-Road Initiative, asking if it is designed to split the world into two camps, as was done after World War II, with the Cold War. A third question asked about how to make more clear to the general public the degree of evil represented by today's neo-Malthusian elites.

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Pre-Summit Events Target Russia, China

Before the June 16 summit between Presidents Putin and Biden, there will be summits of the G7 in the UK and NATO in Brussels. The main topic of these summits, announced in ongoing pre-summit meetings, will be coordination to "confront systemic challenges from Russia and China". This was the message of British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab, and seconded by U.S. officials Lloyd Austin, the U.S. Defense Secretary, and Secretary of State Blinken. The G7 is expected to unveil its "alternative" to China's global Belt-and-Road infrastructure initiative, the "Clean Green Initiative", and its new "Alliance of Democratic States", which Blinken said will provide robust support for the phony "Rules-Based Order". These are a public relations cover for geopolitical provocations of the War Hawks, to defend their highly unpopular "Great Reset"; keep an eye out for Fake News and False Flags, designed to disrupt any serious effort in the Putin-Biden summit, to move toward cooperative agreements on addressing the systemic breakdown underway.

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Globalist Central Bankers Are Out To Destroy Concept Of "National Sovereignty"

It is an article of faith for many Americans that the U.S. is in a battle to restore its full sovereign rights, which have been under assault for the last 50 years by globalists and neoliberals. Yet many who are engaged in this battle fall prey to the lying narratives against Russia and China, which are fabricated by the same Davos globalist networks which played a key role in running the Russiagate hoax, because the leaders of those nations refuse to surrender their sovereignty. As the Davos crew is building up the power of central banks to take away the sovereign powers of all governments, and impose an anti-human "Green New Deal", we have a powerful tool which can be employed against them, by restoring Glass Steagall bank separation, and doing it in alliance with other sovereign nations, including Russia and China. Don't be a sucker for the globalists' lies -- join the Schiller Institute's anti-Malthusian movement, and sign up for our conference on June 26-7.

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Don't Fall for the Lies Coming from the Networks Behind the "Endless Wars" and the Russiagate Regime Change Coup

Well, they're at it again. The liars working for the imperial geopoliticians and neoliberal economists who launched the "endless wars" and Russiagate, are again involved in operations to sabotage the Putin-Biden summit, escalate provocations against China, and set up a global central banker's dictatorship to save us from CO2! Get the facts on who is pushing the line that COVID "escaped" from the lab in Wuhan; that Russia is involved in the Belarus plane incident and should be hit with new sanctions; and that CO2 is the cause of "man-made global warming." Don't be manipulated by the lies concocted by the "Deep State" Shadow government networks, whose policies have put us on a course toward more war and systemic financial breakdown.

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