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Did the Biden-Putin Summit Change Anything?

The joint statement from Biden and Putin, reaffirming that nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought, represents a potential for positive change.  First, it acknowledges that we have been headed toward a nuclear war, which few are willing to face.  Second, it raises the deeper question, how can such a war be avoided?  Pronouncements like this are never definitive.  Lyndon LaRouche provided the answer, that the commitment of sovereign nation states to sharing the benefits of technological progress, is the key to durable peace.  And how do we achieve that?  His wife, Helga, has provided the answer: break out of the imperial geopolitical paradigm, with its commitment to predatory neoliberal economics benefitting the private banks, and build a new paradigm of cooperation, to achieve the Common Aims of Mankind.  This is the theme of next weekend's online Schiller Institute conference -- click here to register for this historic event!

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Putin and Biden Take a Step Back from War: Mainstream Media Protests!

We should not overstate the case -- the outcome of the Putin-Biden summit did not resolve most of the outstanding issues, which the War Hawks in the Military Industrial Complex have been inventing and hyping, to bring the two countries to the brink of war. However, the joint statement they issued included an extremely important agreement: "Today, we reaffirm the principle that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought." See if you can find this reported in the English-language mainstream media, which instead demeaned the summit, and tried to provoke confrontation between the two leaders, exactly as they tried following the July 2018 summit between Putin and President Trump in Helsinki.

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Will the Putin-Biden Summit Initiate a Prospect for Improved Relations?

The meeting today in Geneva has been played down by both sides.  Yet, the fact they are meeting is significant.  It comes in the midst of worsening relations between the U.S. and Russia.  And it follows a not-fully successful effort by the Anglo-American geopolitical War Hawks to pull the "Alliance of Democratic States" into an agreement for heightened confrontation with Russia and China.  While some of the rhetoric was harsh, with wild accusations against both states, it is also clear that not everyone was buying into the idea that more sanctions and bluster against them would accomplish anything, especially when no real evidence backing the charges against Putin and Xi has been presented.  In the absence of a solid front in favor of heightened confrontation against Russia and China, is it possible that an actual dialogue might begin?

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The Lunacy of G7-NATO Leaders on Display in this Week's Summits

Instead of engaging the leaders of Russia and China in a serious deliberation on what to do about the multiplicity of crises affecting the world, the G7 and NATO leaders put forward a series of unserious, if not downright lunatic proposals, during their confabs over the last days. Their proposals for global infrastructure and battling the COVID pandemic were not serious, but instead would continue the policies which have left infrastructure -- including that of public health -- incapable of serving the needs of nations and their people. As for their strategic communique, it is more of the same false accusations against Russia and China, to justify military buildup and geopolitical confrontation. Where are the statesmen and women, when they're needed? They will be at the Schiller Institute online conference, June 26-7. Join us!

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Global Banksters Issue Orders in G7 Communique -- Who Will Obey These Orders?

The G7 summit followed through with most of the plan composed by the City of London/Wall Street bankers and their allies among the Davos billionaires, adopting a Green agenda which will harm, if not eliminate, human life on the planet, and a call for increased economic warfare against China.  While there was some hesitation in adopting the most extreme language pushed by host Boris Johnson and his new buddy, Joe Biden, it is expected that this will be reinforced when NATO heads-of-state meet today in Brussels, to discuss transforming NATO into a global alliance, i.e., into the "Indo-Pacific" region, to "contain" China, which is accused of violating the sacrosanct Rules-Based Order.  But the Green New Deal took a hit, with voters in Switzerland rejecting a referendum which would have mandated Swiss adoption of the extreme energy austerity demands of the G7 communique, and support for the Green Party in Germany has fallen sharply in the last weeks. 

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War Talk in Washington, London on Eve of Biden-Putin Summit

by: Harley Schlanger
June 11 -- Buoyed by praise from Congressional Democrats and Republicans for his commitment to "stand up to Russia and China", Joe Biden's first words on arriving in the U.K. for a series of summits reflected that bipartisan consensus.

Biden addressing U.S. Air Force personnel at Mildenhall Air Base in the U.K. June 10, 2021

"I'm headed to the G7, then to the NATO ministerial and then to meet with Mr. Putin, to let him know what I want him to know," he boasted to a gathering of U.S. Air Force personnel at a British air base, sounding more like a mafia boss than a statesman. Offering the now-standard administration comment on the summit, that he is "not seeking conflict" with Russia, but a "stable predictable relationship", he fell back to his combative persona, saying "I've been clear, the United States will respond in a robust and meaningful way when the Russian government engages in harmful activities. We've already demonstrated that. I'm going to communicate that there are consequences for violating the sovereignty of democracies in the U.S. and Europe and elsewhere."

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Friday's REALLY BIG Questions: Will British Geopoliticians Control Over Biden Lead to War with Russia?

Can Peace Be Achieved Between Israel and Palestine?
With the week of three summits now underway, the question on everyone's mind -- at least those who are sane -- is will the London/Wall Street/Silicon Valley War Hawks who control the Biden administration succeed in forcing Russia to give up its sovereignty, and submit to their unilateral order? Or, if Russia does not submit, as I expect it will not, will that move the world closer to nuclear annihilation? On the question of peace in the Middle East, it is not in the hands of either Israelis or Palestinians. The issue is, can the hands of the same geopolitical forces pitting the U.S. against Russia and China, be removed from the throats of Israel and Palestine, so that a broader agreement for economic cooperation, encompassing the whole of southwest Asia, can be reached?
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Stop the Swindles Run by the Fed and the "Too Big to Fail Banks" -- Restore Glass Steagall Bank Regulation!

As we enter into a period of hyperinflation, which will steal the life's work of middle-class families, while shutting down more industries and businesses than a year of lock-downs has, why not learn from the past?  The 1933 Glass Steagall bill reined in bank and financial speculation, by defending commercial banks and their depositors, while forcing the speculators in investment banks to eat their own losses.  Today's varieties of speculative bubbles have created debt many times larger than world GDP -- these debts can never be paid off, but the central banks continue to pump liquidity into the bubbles, while cutting off credit to good producers, dooming the manufacturing, agriculture and trade sectors, all to be enforced by a global central banker's dictatorship.  Learn how restoring Glass Steagall can put an end to the bubble economy, and send the swindlers in the banks and shadow banking system, who keep producing new, bigger bubbles for their personal profit, to jail. 

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Will the Upcoming Summits Offer Solutions, or More Dangerous Crises?

Joe Biden is on his way to Europe today to participate in a series of summits, with his minder, Tony "Rules-Based Order" (RBO) Blinken, faithfully at his side.  What has been pre-scripted to occur --  if this week's Congressional testimony by Blinken is an accurate foretaste -- will be a disaster for humanity, as geopolitical provocations against Russia and China would most likely turn out badly for all.  But the G7 and NATO can't presume to speak for everyone, as many nations are looking to Russia and China as defenders of the principle of sovereignty, against the arbitrary unilateralism espoused by the imperial authors of the RBO.

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Are There Any Adults Left in the Room????

Joe Biden's op ed in the {Washington Post} on June 6, outlining his "strategy" for the upcoming series of summits, shows the degree to which he is operating within the dangerous framework of British-scripted geopolitical axioms.  "Alliance of Democratic States", "adherence to Rules-Based Order", addressing the "challenges posed by Russia and China" are some of the phrases which reflect those axioms.  But at the same time, there is a growing recognition among some security and defense officials of the "growing risk of a security crisis...leading to nuclear use", if these axioms are not changed.  We intend to change them!  Sign up for the Schiller Institute's online conference on June 26-27 at schillerinstitute.com.
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