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Afghanistan Update -- Unfreeze the Funds!

Two days of meetings between U.S. and Taliban officials in Doha were described as "candid and professional", but the U.S. has still not agreed to release funds being held by the U.S. Treasury that rightfully belong to the people of Afghanistan.  There is no time to waste in providing humanitarian aid, as hunger is stalking millions, including children.  Along with humanitarian aid, the U.S. should join with others in a broad reconstruction program, beginning with building necessary infrastructure.  Peaceful cooperation in such projects, rather than military buildup and threats, is the best transition out of the failed policy of regime change and endless wars.

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To Defeat the Great Reset/Green New Deal, THINK BIG!

It's no coincidence that governments are falling, energy and food prices are soaring, new wars are being planned, and riots are being organized: We are in a systemic breakdown crisis, and those responsible for it are running psychological warfare operations to polarize the vast majority of people, to keep them from uniting around a policy to bankrupt the globalists, and go back to the principles of physical economy, as presented by Lyndon LaRouche in his "Four Laws".   Helga Zepp-LaRouche and Guus Berkhout of Climate Intelligence have issued a "Wake Up Call," which must be circulated everywhere -- don't allow your friends and fellow citizens to be manipulated by fake narratives pushed by those who are organizing these crises.  They are vulnerable and can be defeated.

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We Are in a Systemic Breakdown Crisis

Inflation, breakdown in supply chains, etc., are real.  But they are only a reflection of a broader dynamic, which Lyndon LaRouche called a Systemic Breakdown Crisis".  This is being worsened by the push for "Green" policies, and the "Great Reset."  
Friday Question: What do you make of the Facebook whistleblower, who  charged that Facebook was aware of the "toxic impact" of Instagram, and the algorithms which promote "extremism" and polarization?  The narrative emerging is that the company prioritizes profit over public good --No Kidding, but that is the modus operandi of the entire neoliberal system: So, why is this coming out now?
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Dialogue, or War?

The announcement of an agreement to hold a virtual bilateral summit between Presidents Biden and Xi before the end of the year could be a sign of calmer heads prevailing at a moment of increasing tension between the U.S. and China.  The provocations regarding Taiwan and the South China Sea have added to the danger that war between the two nations is possible.  What if, instead, there could be an agreement for the U.S. to join with China, to use the Belt-and-Road Initiative to reconstruct war-torn Afghanistan, through collaboration on joint development projects?  The offer from China for that to occur is on the table -- could we be on the verge of a new era of peaceful cooperation?

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Will You Let the Globalist Oligarchs Kill You?

According to the Oct. 4 issue of the Economist magazine, the mouthpiece for the City of London financial interests, "The Age of Fossil Fuel Abundance is Dead", scarcity will worsen, prices will rise, and there is nothing you can do about it.  Really?  Resistance to their depopulation policies is growing, as LaRouche's warnings from the early 1970s have proven to be deadly accurate.  Thirty-five years ago, on Oct. 6, 1986, the "Get LaRouche" task force raided his home, sending 400 armed personnel to kill him.  They failed then, and have been unable to kill his strategic and economic method, which is shaping  the resistance to their intent to use artificial shortages to kill billions of people.

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Pompeo Exposed for Plot To Kidnap or Kill Assange, To Defend U.S. "Dirty Wars"

by: Harley Schlanger

Mike Pompeo at a press conference in Hanoi, Vietnam, on February 28, 2019.

Oct. 1 -- In an article posted on September 26 on Yahoo News, reporters Zach Dorfman, Sean Naylor and Michael Isikoff wrote that plans were discussed and drafted in 2017 by CIA officials to silence Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, by kidnapping him and/or assassinating him. (1.) They report that the planning was catalyzed by CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who had an "obsession" with Assange and WikiLeaks. The Yahoo News article confirms in large part reporting from Max Blumenthal of the Gray Zone, published in May 2020, which focused on the CIA's use of Sheldon Adelson's private security team in spying on Assange while he was in asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. (2.) It also confirms the concerns and fears of many committed to free him from a British prison, that the harsh treatment he is receiving there, or his extradition to stand trial in the U.S., are intended to kill him.

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There Is an Alternative to the Nihilism of the Green New Deal

As genocidal Malthusians move ahead with plans to impose a global Green dictatorship at the upcoming COP26 conference in Glasgow, the LaRouche Organization has drafted a plan which presents a human alternative.  "The Coming U.S. Economic Miracle on the New Silk Road" demonstrates what scientific and technological optimism, driven by courage and imagination, can accomplish, using as examples the history of infrastructure development in the U.S., and the current miracle of poverty elimination in China.  Watch last Saturday's "Manhattan Project" discussion to see how the Davos and allied psychopaths can be defeated -- Returning to the American System: The Coming U.S. Economic Miracle on the New Silk Road - YouTube

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Friday Questions -- Time for a Serious Discussion About How to Avoid a Systemic Economic Collapse

Today's questions:
1.) What can be done to avoid an economic blowout?  What is the Fed doing? What about the budget/debt ceiling debate -- Is there a way to avoid default?
2.) Why do you think Yahoo News ran the story about Pompeo and the CIA plotting to kidnap or kill Julian Assange?
3.) What makes you think we can trust the Taliban enough to contribute to rebuilding Afghanistan?  
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Murderous Intent of Pompeo, "Insider" Trading by Fed Officials

Two stories in the last days provide new insights into the deadly and corrupt practices of operatives of the "Deep State".  Yahoo News exposed planning undertaken by then-CIA Director Pompeo to kidnap or assassinate Julain Assange, for the "crime" of exposing the dirty wars run by the military/intelligence/corporate establishment that Pompeo wanted to protect.  And two Presidents of regional Federal Reserve branches resigned, when reports were published of their personal trading of financial instruments which were affected by the Fed's Quantitative Easing policy.  The defenses offered by Pompeo and Fed chair Powell are unconvincing, as they move to cover-up the bigger crimes they are trying to keep hidden. 

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Great Reset, Green New Deal Already Destroying Economies

Even though there is growing international opposition to the Great Reset and the Green New Deal, globalist anti-growth policies which are part of an arc going back to 1971 are now inflicting massive damage to the physical economy, especially to western "developed" nations.  The full range of speculative swindles, funded by global central banks, when combined with "free trade" and Green policies, is generating hyperinflation and unsustainable levels of debt.  The election last weekend in Germany will likely bring to power a coalition government which will double down on those policies, along with a commitment to an escalation of geopolitical confrontation with Russia and China.    
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