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Is the Collapse of Our Civilization the Result of an Evil Conspiracy, Idiocy in High Places, or Both?

We are living through what Lyndon LaRouche described as a global systemic collapse, which affects every aspect of our lives.  How did this happen?  By looking at two case studies, we can get a sense of who is orchestrating the collapse: the energy inflation which has been caused by deliberate actions, related to the green financial bubble and the Great Reset; and the efforts by major media to deny any responsibility for their role in the regime change operation against Donald Trump which began in 2016.  
Tomorrow,  we will present the LaRouche solution to the multitude of crises.
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A Turn Toward Diplomacy Instead of War?

Three virtual discussions among leading officials in the last two days may be a sign that cooler heads have emerged, choosing diplomacy rather than war.  The Biden-Xi discussion on Monday was followed by an hour-long discussion the next day between German Chancellor Merkel and Belarus President Lukashenko, and one between French President Macron and Russia's Vladimir Putin.  Each one represents a change from what has been business-as-usual, leaving the realm of hostile narrative, in favor of substance.  Though a promising start toward a change, the danger of new wars remains, as long as war hawks and neoliberals control governments and mass media in the Trans-Atlantic world.   

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To Take Your Mind Off Inflation, the Neoliberal War Hawks Push Confrontation with Russia and China

With the failure to ram through the Glasgow "climate" summit their agenda of deindustrialization and shutting down efficient energy sources, and with inflation picking up steam, it is only natural for the unilateralists to create a big diversion.  Using the refugee crisis centered on the Belarus-Polish border, NATO and EU leaders are accusing Putin and Lukashenko of provoking a humanitarian crisis. This is an example of arrogant hypocrisy, given that behind the flow of refugees is a series of humanitarian crises triggered by wars, sanctions and disastrous financial and trade policies coming from the City of London and Wall Street.  For an alternative to this psychological warfare, watch the First Panel from the Nov. 13-14 Schiller Institute conference: Conference: All Moral Resources of Humanity Have To Be Called Up: Mankind Must Be the Immortal Species! | The Schiller Institute

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COP26 Failure, Energy Hyperinflation Shows the Trans-Atlantic World Is Falling Apart

As we forecast, the COP26 failed to do what they intended, which was to get agreement from the nations of the developing sector to give up their sovereign right to development in order to comply with the Malthusian demands made by the would-be global dictators running the show. The 2-day Schiller Institute conference, on Nov. 13-14, demonstrated that representatives from leading nations can generate, through dialogue, solutions to the multitude of crises created by the failed axioms of the unilateral world order. The presentations can be found at the schillerinstitute.com.

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War Hawks Push Renewed Escalation for Confrontation with Russia

Friday Questions:
1.) Why are the war hawks pushing for a new confrontation with Russia, over Ukraine, and the Belarus-Polish border? 
2.) What are the implications of the recent indictments brought by John Durham against networks associated with the Clinton campaign in 2016?  Will he go higher, to the Obama team; and to the highest levels of British Intelligence?
3.) Why are we seeing a move by western bankers to impose a Communist reset?
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YouTube Moves to Censor Schiller Institute

The tech moguls behind YouTube do not want you to participate in this weekend's Schiller Institute (SI) online conference.  Citing a flimsy pretext related to a webcast from January 2021 (10 months ago!), they have imposed a one week ban on posting or live-streaming by the SI, on the eve of what is shaping up to be an extremely significant event.  Given the deepening of the global strategic crisis, and the increasingly important role of the SI in exposing the corruption behind the crisis, and in mobilizing alternatives, you don't want to miss it.  You can still register for the conference at the schillerinstitute.com, and get information on how to streamline it at [email protected].

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Reality Is Hitting Globalists with a Vengeance

While the globalists may be preparing to declare a Pyrrhic victory as their blab fest in Glasgow heads toward the end, the reality in the world is different than they believe. Many nations reject the fraudulent science the Davos elites have produced to bludgeon them into giving up their sovereignty. But the dynamic of history often proceeds in a different direction than that intended by the would-be Gods of Olympus: just ask for East German dictator Erich Honecker! Today we celebrate the birth of Friedrich Schiller, 262 years ago, whose poems, dramas and aesthetical writings give us a glimpse into how the beautiful soul, which exists as a potential in all of us, can be brought into being through true art, which is the pathway to truth. Join us this weekend, at the Schiller Institute conference, to participate in the noble endeavor of blazing that path for the future. 

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Biden, Dems, Rejected by Voters in Virgina, New Jersey

Nov. 8—A cold bath of reality was poured down upon Democratic Party ideologues in state elections in Virginia and New Jersey on Tuesday, Nov. 2. The deluded belief, that politically correct narratives can cover for the failure to address bread and butter issues of the economy, was smashed by a mass desertion of voters in two supposedly Democratic states, which just twelve months ago voted by significant margins for Joe Biden.  In the 2020 presidential election, Biden carried Virginia by a 10% margin, and New Jersey by 16%.

In the gubernatorial election on Tuesday in Virginia, Republican Glen Youngkin won by 2.1% over favored former Governor Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat.  McAuliffe's campaign mirrored the failed campaign of Hillary Clinton in 2016, by ignoring the growing concerns of voters over economic difficulties, and their opposition to radical social engineering focused on education, race and "gender" issues.  Instead, he assumed that repeating the mantra that a vote for Youngkin is a vote for Trump would assure his victory.  He went so far  with this "strategy" that he repeatedly referred to his opponent as "Trumpkin."  Though Youngkin was endorsed by Trump, he kept some distance from him.  He called for lowering the gas tax, at a time when gas prices are surging upwards; ending the regressive tax on groceries, as food prices sky-rocket; and giving parents more control over school curriculum, which has been a polarizing issue in the state, after a highly-publicized sexual assault on a fourteen year old girl in a school bathroom by a boy wearing a dress.  

The national Democratic party attempted to rally behind McAuliffe, a long-time political associate of the Clintons, by trying to make Trump the issue.  This backfired on two levels.  First, it fired up Trump supporters, especially in rural areas, who turned out to vote in high numbers; and it lost the support of suburbanites, who voted for Biden in 2020 in the expectation that he would follow through on his campaign pledges to end the COVID pandemic, address income inequality, and create jobs.

Who Is Glenn Youngkin?

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Glasgow Proposes Limiting Food Production and Distribution to "Reduce Carbon Emissions"

The genocidal intent behind the "climate change" puppeteers was on display yesterday, as they discussed how to reduce carbon emissions which result from farming!  This discussion occurred as the World Food Program director Beasley reported that 45 million people face starvation, with Afghanistan at the top of the list.  Klaus Schwab says the intent to improve people's lives is bad for the climate!  Join us to make sure that climate fraud is not used as an excuse to commit genocide far beyond that of the Nazis!  Register for the Nov. 13-14 Schiller Institute conference here. 

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A World Divided

While western nations, led by the U.S., the U.K. and the European Union, are hurtling toward a systemic collapse, driven by commitment to a Green New Deal and the Great Reset, many other nations are moving in a different direction.  Led by China, Russia, India and many Asian and African nations, they are rejecting the demand for an immediate, drastic "carbon transition", as they are defending their sovereign rights to put the priority on economic growth, which would be shut down by adherence to the looney-tunes being screeched at the COP26 summit in Glasgow.  The {Financial Times} even admits that the idea that the shift can be financed by private banks and equity funds is not credible, meaning more government intervention and investment is necessary for the transition to occur.

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